Tuesday 21 August 2012

Here we go again

I really don't know what is going on in this house for sleeping, or lack of it! Last night was horrendous, Dennis woke up at 11:15 just as I had fallen into a deep sleep and didn't go back to bed until 2:15am.

Tonight isn't looking promising either. Dennis has been up twice already and Damien is just refusing to sleep.

Even the bribes aren't working, I have already said the following:

*'Get your foot out of my face'

*'Take off your fireman helmet and get back to bed'

*'I am cancelling your birthday party'

*'Right, no sweets every again'

* 'I am giving your fireman's hat to your friend'

* 'Good job it's not winter then'

* 'Stop fake snoring'

Damien has also said the following:

* ' I'm thirsty x2'
* I'm really, really thirsty'
* 'I need a wee x 2'
* 'I need a poo'
* 'I'm scared of your bedroom'
* ' I don't like the winter'

I relented and gave him a drink only to find him stood on the landing donning his bloody fireman's hat!

The worst part about this is that I am typing this in my bed, whilst Damien flits about. I haven't had dinner yet and I know as soon as he goes to sleep, Dennis will take over where his brother left off.


  1. Hopefully its a phase. Well that's what I keep repeating to myself to keep me sane.

    1. I know I try to tell myself that too. He is actually up with me now and I found him sitting on the stairs. He scared the life out of me. The monkey climbed over his stair gate! Xx