Tuesday 19 February 2013

Controlled Crying - Night Two

Control crying two children at the same time is hard! It's 2am and I've been awake for the last hour. I'm currently listening to Jake shout: "I want my mummy" he isn't crying as such, just moaning and desperate to get in my bed.

Charlie has also been up but is now back to sleep. He is actually doing really well with his new routine, only crying for around ten minutes when he wakes up now.

I thought he would be the hardest nut to crack but it's my determined three year old who is hanging on in there.

In doing the back to bed routine with him, and thought I would spend hours putting him back into bed. But no, he has only gotten up a handful of times. Instead he stays in his bed, shouting for me.

The main problem I'm facing is them waking each other up! If one starts they set the other off.

However, I'm determined to see this through and we will get there in the end.

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