Wednesday 6 March 2013

A great Family Day Out

I love Moors Valley Country Park it's a great day out for children of all ages. There is a fantastic family day out being organised on the 17th March and I'm handing my blog over to the organisers to tell you about it....

We are pleased to announce that the Doggy Day Out event will be held at Moors Valley Country Park on the 17th of March from 10am-4pm. Come and find us by the Visitor’s Centre.

The aim of our event is to primarily raise money for the charity, but also local awareness. The event is a family fun day with many activities and demonstrations on offer, all centred around the ‘five senses’. All the exciting games and activities focus on taste, sight, hearing, smell and touch. There will also be a raffle held with a wide selection of prizes kindly donated by local businesses such as Poole Pottery, Lush, Farmer Palmer’s and many more! There will be demonstrations from the Dorset Search Dogs team and the opportunity to ‘get found’ by the dogs themselves!

You can keep up to date with the event by following @doggydayout2013 on Twitter or reading our blog at

If you want to ask us anything more about the event or Dorset Search Dogs simply email:

Please follow the link at the bottom to find out more about the Dorset Search Dogs!

Doggy Day Out is an event organised by a group of Bournemouth University Event Management students. In our second year as part of our course, we are set the exciting assignment of organising a live event for a local charity. We had to prepare pitches and proposals but finally got our dream charity the Dorset Search Dogs.

This charity is based in the Bournemouth area and was set up in 2006 with the purpose of assisting the Police services and other statutory bodies when searching for missing people.

Where's me keys, a where's me phone?

On the 1st of January my top new year's resolution was to become more organised and stop losing my car keys, phone and bank card. Well, I've spectacularly failed on that! I've lost my bank card three times, that's once a month, it last appeared in the fridge. And I pretty much misplace either my keys or my phone on a daily basis.

Normally I lose my keys in the house, either I put them somewhere or one of my lovely children decide to hide them for me. Yesterday though, I lost my keys at the soft play centre. What a sodding nightmare that was.

After getting the boys togged up ready to leave, that itself is a major mission, I discovered my car keys were no longer in my bag. After several times of emptying the entire contents of said bag on the floor, reality kicked in and I looked at the ball pit, it looked back at me, and I thought about the ridiculous task ahead. It's me against the balls, with a three year old and a one year old as my allies.

Well boys, you were a great help, if you call beating each other up and running off whilst mummy was neck deep in plastic balls helping.

After calling in some more adult assistants, 40 minutes later the search was called off. One clever person, who obviously wasn't as frazzled as me decided to ask reception if any keys had been handed in. Genius! Then like magic my car keys appeared, yes someone had taken them and places them with reception.

I'm think I'm destined to a life of losing things, my womb is not a tracking device and my boobs are not crystal balls that can see where things are. Fact!