The boys

Let me introduce you all to the two boys who provide much of my inspiration for my blog.

First up we have Damien - he is two and a half going on seven. He has an outstanding vocabulary, and not in a proud parent kind of way, in a freakish kind of way. He loves pirates, dinosaurs and firemen and loves making up his own little games. He is funny and clever and lets be honest, a bit on the naughty side

Dennis is my second little monkey and is seven months old. He often goes by the name of chubbington, fat boy, Phil, the bouncer, chubworth etc. Bless him, he really is a little chunky monkey. He is happy and smiley and loves the boobie.

No matter how much I moan, I really am the most luckiest lady in the world to have two amazing, happy, healthy children who I love dearly.


  1. Your boys sound very similar to my little Monkeys. Spud is three this month and also LOVES Dinosaurs and Pirates, he's gone off Firemen a little lately :D Pooh Bear is 16 mths, a chubby, cheeky boy who also still likes boobie milk. I moan loads as they're hard work but the fun outways the hard work :)

    1. Aww bless! Yours are close together in age too. It really is hard work and I moan lots too but wouldn't swap them for the world. At least they make our blogs interesting hey? Xxx