Thursday 30 August 2012

Thank my lucky stars

I know I occasionally moan about having no sleep but I would take years of insomnia over more serious problems.

Yes my children don't sleep but we are so blessed in many other ways. They are happy and healthy boys and that is the most important thing.

I think it's important to take the time to appreciate what we have and be thankful. There is always someone worse off and having a tougher time.

Some news I heard today from another mummy blogger has saddened me and made me realise what is important. Health!

So therefore, I intend to count my blessings on a daily basis and think what really matters!

The lack of sleep won't last forever! And I thank my lucky stars my boys are ok.


Tuesday 28 August 2012

Don't tell me you're tired!

As all of you know who read my blog, we have very little sleep in this house and as a result tempers are easily frayed!

I can almost feel the rage bubble up in side me when Daddy Pig tells me he is tired! I guess getting up to fetch Dennis and then going back to sleep must be hard, or getting up early after I have done the night shift must be exhausting.

Hmm, well try this for size Daddy Pig and then tell me about being tired. Once you go back to sleep, spare a thought for me sitting there breastfeeding Dennis until he goes back to sleep 50 minutes later several times a night!

Or perhaps when he is up for two hours at a time and when I tell you, you say I should have woken you. When I do you tend to be grumpy and just say: "What?"

Don't even get me started on the house work debate! I can see why you think I sit on my arse all day because the house looks like a bomb has gone off. But if you had to look after the devil children all day you would understand why.

Yes, I can't put washing on or sometimes even pick up a nappy and it's not because I am lazy, it's because I get disturbed my Damien who takes any opportunity to cause havoc.

My house is a constant state and I often look longingly at people's clean and tidy houses and wonder if that will ever be achievable?

My short temper doesn't even stop with Daddy Pig, Nannie Plum quite often gets it in the neck too. "Any plans today? Or "oh aren't you seeing your friends?" gets me every time. I am allowed to have the odd day where I am so physically exhausted that I just want to veg out all day!

In fairness to Daddy Pig he does help in other ways but when you are tired it's easy to take it out on one another. After ten years together we know what buttons to press and therefore instead of building up to an argument we go nuclear instantly. At least it gets it over and done with quicker.

Rant over.

Now come and share what has annoyed you this week.

Friday 24 August 2012

Coming to a blog near you

I am very excited to announce the arrival of Mothers With Attitude (M.W.A) brought to you by myself and the lovely Emily at Family Four Fun.

This is your chance to let off steam once a week and vent your frustrations!

Your post can be about anything that has really for your goat. Why not come and join us for a good old fashion rant and rave...

Have the children/husband driven you balmy this week?

Would you like to tell a few people what you think about their opinions?

Just thought of a clever come back you should've used during that argument?

Did you put someone straight in a style only mothers can?

Did you put your hands on your hips and say 'because I said so'?

In laws from hell?

Come and join us every Wednesday for a cuppa tea, slice of cake and a good old fashion moan. Wine on request!

Whilst you're at it, why not grab our snazzy badge to display on your posts....

Looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday. Emily is hosting first and the week after you can hop on over here! 

Moors Valley Country Park

We had a lovely day out at Moors Valley Country Park recently, so I though I would share with you.

We are so lucky to live in such a great part of the country with so many outdoor activities on our doorstep. Moors Valley Country Park is about 45 minutes in the car and makes for a fantastic day out.

The play parks are amazing with lots to do for children of all ages. There are countless climbing frames to amuse even the biggest monkeys and lots of smaller equipment for the little ones. Damien being Damien decided that he had to go on all the big boy climbing frame and I wasn't sure how much my heart could take.

Set in the heart of the New Forest, the park has something for everyone. You can hire bikes and trailers for the little ones, follow the grufflo trail, amble along the forest parks and stroll along the river.

One of our favourite activity of the day was our round trip on the mini steam train. We even got off at a mini station for ice cream and to change trains. Both boys adored it.

There are plenty of places to picnic and you can even take along a BBQ if you do wish. We opted to eat in the cafe, which was really reasonably priced and catered for children. My two are a nightmare eating out and tend to get bored whilst waiting for food! One lady sitting close visibly grimaced every time our boys made a noise. In the end I had to say rather loudly: "If one more person looks at us like that I am going to have to say something. I mean my baby is 9 months old and if he so chooses to exercise his voice I won't stop him!" she promptly left. If you go somewhere where you know there will be lots of children; be prepared for noise.

They also have a play trail which includes a giant spiders nest, tree tower and tunnel and an ant house. We actually didn't make it past the ant house as Damien was made up. At least we have a reason to return fairly soon.

You also don't pay for entry to the park, only your parking which I thought was great. Our ticket came to £7.50 which is amazing value for a family day out.

We had a fantastic time and would recommend it to all families no matter what age.

You can see what else there is to do there at

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Here we go again

I really don't know what is going on in this house for sleeping, or lack of it! Last night was horrendous, Dennis woke up at 11:15 just as I had fallen into a deep sleep and didn't go back to bed until 2:15am.

Tonight isn't looking promising either. Dennis has been up twice already and Damien is just refusing to sleep.

Even the bribes aren't working, I have already said the following:

*'Get your foot out of my face'

*'Take off your fireman helmet and get back to bed'

*'I am cancelling your birthday party'

*'Right, no sweets every again'

* 'I am giving your fireman's hat to your friend'

* 'Good job it's not winter then'

* 'Stop fake snoring'

Damien has also said the following:

* ' I'm thirsty x2'
* I'm really, really thirsty'
* 'I need a wee x 2'
* 'I need a poo'
* 'I'm scared of your bedroom'
* ' I don't like the winter'

I relented and gave him a drink only to find him stood on the landing donning his bloody fireman's hat!

The worst part about this is that I am typing this in my bed, whilst Damien flits about. I haven't had dinner yet and I know as soon as he goes to sleep, Dennis will take over where his brother left off.

When the experts get it wrong

Last week Dr Miriam Stoppard wrote a column in the Mirror stating facts about breastfeeding which we're simply inaccurate!

I couldn't just sit back and not respond so see my link below for my thoughts.

Also, I am not alone in my feelings on this, check out these two fantastic bloggers who make some excellent points!

Would love to know your thoughts or why not link up your own post.

Sunday 19 August 2012

999 Sleep Police Please

It's getting to that time again where I need to call the sleep police. Wow, to say my children are bad at night has to be an understatement. In our house we seriously can't fathom out the expression slept like a baby. What, restless, up every hour and demanding milk.

These last few days have been particularly bad, even for my two. Friday night was fun, and not in a going to town to get drunk and dance kinda way. More like getting up and 1am and not going back to sleep until 4am and then getting up again at 6am.

Dennis was the instigator and woke up first, after about an hour and a half of trying and failing miserably to get him back to sleep, he wakes gremlin. Damien has arisen, (yes, he had also made his way into our bed somewhere around midnight) "I want lunch" came his first demand and I want to eat it downstairs.

So at 3am I find myself downstairs with both boys and Daddy Pig, watching recorded children's shows. Thank the lord for Sky +! Damien settles for milk over lunch but then requests to play in the garden. When told no, he opted for a poo instead.

We finally go back upstairs at 4am and all manage to get back to sleep for a grand total of two hours.

Last night was equally as bad, but for different reasons. Damien decided he didn't want to go to bed which resulted in him waking up Dennis.

He eventually went to sleep at eight on the bribe of having sweets for breakfast. Then just as I was sitting down for dinner for the first time Dennis gets up! Ten minutes later and I try to eat again. Oh no, Damien had other ideas back up the apple and pears I go.

This time he is having none of the magic milk and ends up downstairs with us. I eventually take him upstairs and feed, feed and feed some more. I ended up on all fours feeding him and feeling like a cow. Moooooo!

Saturday 11 August 2012

"No it's Not Lucky"

Sunny summer days are made for chilled out picnics, days at the beach and spending quality time together as a family. That was the image I had in my head for todays outing to the beach! However, when will I learn that my romantic notions never turn out to plan.

The day started stupidly early with Dennis deciding to get up at 4:15am again. Anyway we decided that it would be nice to get a picnic and head to the beach.

Our first obstacle was parking, we had forgotten to take any change for the machine. After driving to another car park with a cafe in it, we manage to change up a ten pound note. I buy a ticket and place it on the front seat of the car.

Next mission unpack the car, sort out the picnic and get the boys out. Stupidly, I had left the door open and after unloading the boot and putting all the bags on the pushchair we couldn't find the sodding ticket. Both our boys were crying at this point, Dennis because he was strapped in his pushchair and Damien because he had fallen over whilst trying to locate his bucket.

I could feel my stress levels rising as Daddy Pig frantically searched for the lost ticket. With no joy, I decide to have a look and after a few minutes of looking, I stand up and get shat on by a bird. Not only did it get me on the arm, it also left its mark all across the inside of the window of my car.

Giving up looking we decide we may as well just buy another ticket. With that I take Charlie out to stop the crying and the buggy, loaded down with all our things capsizes under the pressure. I am now stood in the car park with two crying children and our belongings everywhere!

Our hike down to the beach isn't much better either. We parked what seemed like miles away from the ramp down to the beach. In actual fact, it was at the first car park we would have parked in had we had the foresight to take any change. Damien moaned most of the way there to be carried and I just wanted to go home.

We picked our spot and start unpacking, Daddy Pig attempts to put up our parasol to provide much needed shade. There is only one problem, the wind. After a few failed attempts we opt for tucking it behind the buggy. Perfect, shade and peace and quiet. I start to tuck into my lunch and as mother nature will not be beaten by a toddler buggy, she blows a massive gust of wind and rips the parasol from the buggy and launches it down the beach.

Bloody great, I end up chasing an umbrella down the beach, which is a stoney beach I must add, bare foot and hobbling like I had been on the juice. How embarrassing, "Yes, it's mine!" I want to shout at the onlookers who are all smirking at me and sitting smugly under their perfect sun shades.

It ended up in the sea and thankfully a kind swimmer came to my rescue and fished it out for me. He was Spanish I think and said something which I didnt understand but I laughed along with him anyway. I expect he said something like 'ha ha silly English girl chasing umbrella!"

I then had the walk of shame with the parasol back to our spot whilst everyone looked on.

Friday 10 August 2012

#Sat Cap

Oh My word! How is it Saturday again? Well it's time for Sat Cap so creative hats at the ready. The best caption will win some virtual jelly babies!

Yum Yum Plum in my Tum

Back in June, organic baby food brand, Plum, ran a competition to win a sought after place at the first ever Plum Cookery School.

Five lucky mums were invited down to Buckinghamshire where the Cookery School opened its doors to reveal some of the tasty secrets behind Plum’s recipes and offered expert advice to support parents through the weaning process. The cookery school was made extra exciting with two special guests, celebrity chef Rachel Allen and child nutrition expert, Beverley Glock, who were both absolutely fabulous as you will see in the new weaning videos.

Plum’s new weaning videos are designed to ensure that other mums can take advantage of Rachel and Beverley’s advice whilst learning lots of cooking tips, eating fabulous food and having many of their weaning worries resolved.

Have a look at the clip below to see the Plum Cookery School action in the second of Plum’s weaning videos. This video covers stage two of weaning, where Rachel Allen recreates a Plum, stage two recipe and Beverley Glock puts a twist on the traditional dish, cauliflower cheese with sweet potato.

And, if this video has got tummies rumbling and you can’t wait to learn more, all you need to do is head on over to Plum’s YouTube channel ( where you can watch all four episodes!

The Plum Cookery School in pictures:

Baby weaning is great fun, but can fill you with apprehension on every issue. Where do you start? What are the best foods to start with, when should you introduce finger food? Have they had enough, have they eaten too much. The list is endless. My best piece of advice is to relax and enjoy it. If you are relaxed then your baby will be relaxed too. They will get it at their own pace, try not to worry about what other babies are doing. Remember we don't all like the same food so why should our babies.

The Plum range is fantastic for weaning, we are currently on stage two and my little man can't get enough of the Lemon Chicken. What we really like is the consistency, its fork mashed and therefore not just full of lumps. It provides the added consistency required without making my little man want to gag.

My two and a half year old loves the finger food snacks on offer from Plum and my youngest looks on longingly waiting for his turn. Five simple reasons why I choose Plum products are;

  • No nasty food additives
  • Use of pesticides is restricted
  • Routine use of drugs is prohibited
  • GM crops and ingredients are banned
  • No artificial chemical fertilisers

  • My boys also love the different flavours of the meals, it's not your standard spag bol or chicken with veg. Some of our personal favourites include; the yummy Chickpea and Chicken Tagine, Aubergine and Lamb Moussaka & Salmon and Spinach Risotto.

    If you haven’t yet tried Plum products I’d urge you to do it, they taste amazing. Plus, with a free coupon available to download on Plum’s Facebook Page, now is your perfect time to introduce baby to Plum! They are going thick and fast though and they only have 10,000 to give away, so do hurry!

    This is a sponsored post on behalf of Plum Baby

    Thursday 9 August 2012

    Poogate and PJs

    I bet you were starting to wonder what had happened to Damien and Dennis as I haven't reported on their antics for a while. You may even of thought they had swapped their horns for halos.

    Damien has actually been slightly better behaved for a few weeks probably rating a seven out of ten on the naughty scale. However, he has clearly been saving it up as he has shifted up several gears recently!

    Today has mainly revolved around poo. Just before our play date arrived this afternoon, Damien announced he needed a poo, I just managed to stop him from squatting in the back garden.

    He is a private little chap when it comes to his toilet habits, so asked me to leave him to it. He also likes to do it in peace and once told me to turn my music off because he couldn't hear it plop!

    Anyhow, as Damien takes ages on the toilet, like Daddy Pig, I decide it would be a good idea to feed Dennis. With the weather being hot, I took the opportunity to cool him down and removed his trousers. Once latched on, I place my hand on my lap and wonder what that wet, warm and sticky sensation on my fingers was, (No this isn't a scene from 50 Shades) it's blooming poo!

    I looked down to see my entire thigh covered in yucky baby poo. Dennis is on antibiotics so you can imagine the mess. After a gallant effort to clean myself and Dennis up, I realised Damien has been left unattended for far too long.

    I entered the bathroom to find Damien and the floor covered in toothpaste and shower gel. All the toothbrushes had been thrown in the sink and the bath was filled with unwound toilet roll.

    I had no choice but to strip him off and then had two naked children and I was only wearing pants. Knowing that I had a guest coming I grabbed the nearest item of clothing, which happened to be my PJ bottoms.

    As I headed downstairs, with two naked boys in tow and me looking like I was off to bed, I saw my friends car pull up outside....perfect timing! Damien then made a run for it down the garden path waving his arms in the air and shouting hello at the top of his voice. I followed behind holding another naked child whilst sporting said PJ's.

    Once safely inside and situation explained, I headed off to the kitchen to make drinks.

    Carrying Dennis in one hand and a drink in the other, Damien pounced on me just as I reached the hall and decided to use my legs as a fireman's pole. The main problem was the elastic on my PJ bottoms is not like it once was and in one foul swoop, Damien has managed to pull them down to my knees.

    I am now standing in front of my friend baring my pants! I said to her, "How embarrassing, I'm wearing my mother's pants!" "Don't worry" she replied, "Once you're a mum you don't worry about thongs or things like that." to which I replied, "No, I am literally wearing my mother's pants!"

    You see Nannie Plum took pity on Daddy Pig and I recently and did a large amount of clothes washing for us. Somehow on returning the clean, fresh smelling clothes some of her briefs ended up in the they say waste not want not!

    Wednesday 1 August 2012

    Make Breastfeeding an Olympic Sport

    Today is the start of World Breastfeeding Week and what better way to celebrate than bringing it to the worlds stage.

    Every mother goes on her own journey when it comes to feeding. It might be short lived with some not getting out of the blocks, for others it's a marathon.

    With this in mind, I have written a post for the Independent which I would like to share with you all!

    Please feel free to comment and maybe tell me your feeding journey.


    Milkshake Mummy