Saturday 29 March 2014

Eye Spy

I haven't posted in a while, so to get back into my blog, I have the lovely Miss Ellie taking over and giving me her insight into the world of upcoming technology. Let me start by saying Miss Ellie is only ten years old and an aspiring creative, hoping to set up her own blog in the coming future. So without further ado, let me show you her great work.

Eye Spy

Is 2014 set to be the year of technology? I don’t think so! I’m going to have a look at the Google Glass and tell you what I would do if I had a pair for the day.


So, let’s begin with what actually is the Google Glass?

The Google Glass is a compact and light pair of glasses but with a twist they connect to your phone via Bluetooth and can do everything that a phone can do but on your face.

You can ask it questions and it will immediately answer back, you can answer and make calls, take pictures, record videos and much more

This is what I would do with a pair if I had them for a school day

7:30 am breakfast search which is healthier crunchy nut or coco pops? “Crunchy nut” – ok I’ll take coco pops

8:30 am on the way to school stuck in traffic search shortcuts down a back way

9:00 am maths what’s the square of 6789= 82.3953882205

10:00 am break time Mario bros

10:30 am English find word of the day

11:30 am Geography check emails

12:00 pm lunch order a pizza

1:00 pm P.E check weather

2:00 pm French ask how do you say I’m bored I wanna go to sleep now in French

3:00 pm home search for nearest sweet shop

3:30 pm search top 10 ways to annoy little brother

4:30 pm stop annoying little brother

4:45 pm start on the other little brother

5:30 stop annoying

5:45 pm dinner get to choose hungry house

6:00 pm homework ask all the questions on my sheet

7:00 pm watch TV whilst searching for random things]

7:30 pm read new York times

8:30 pm set alarm for 7:30 am