Wednesday 4 July 2012

I spy

Right I thought I would give something crafty a go today and make binoculars, I was planning to do a step-by-step guide until I realised you only had to stick two toilet rolls together, therefore it will be mainly illustrated with pictures. We aren't great so don't expect too much from us.

Step One: Unroll the entire toilet roll until you are just left with the cardboard. I would like to point out, that this was not my finest idea as I didn't have any saved loo rolls. Before, I knew what I was saying I told Damien we would make binoculars and then it dawned on me what was coming next. He isn't old enough to know about the Fairy advert where you have to wait till the bottle has finished before you can turn it into a rocket...

Step Two - Continue to cover younger brother in said discarded toilet roll, thankfully Dennis found this highly amusing! My very own little Andrex Puppy. Not an essential step I must add.

Step Three - Hold up your cardboard toilet roll to the camera and say cheese. This shot may look simple but getting Damien to stay still whilst I took it was probably the longest process in the entire activity. I am pretty sure, I had to bribe him with sweets.

Step Four - Choose your method for decorating the binoculars. We choose wax crayons, not the best choice actually. Damien couldn't press hard enough and Dennis just wanted to eat them.

Step five - Colour in your toilet rolls, Damien gave it all of a minute before getting bored.

Step Six - Check out our masterpiece

Step Seven - Run a glue stick down one side of the toilet roll and then press together. Wait until it doesn't stick, like in our case and then just get the sellotape.

Step Eight - The finished project - now have fun with your new toy!

N.B - I don't think Mr Maker, Tony Hart or Rolf Harris are going to feel threatened by our work today. However, we had a good time doing it and that is what matters really!

Would love to see if this post inspires anybody and if so, please feel free to add a photo of your creations.


  1. Love it! We made binoculars after leaving your house on Tuesday morning and we also had to unravel a toilet roll, Lol. Xx

    1. Lol, did you take them to Kay's house? Mine really are rubbish! Xxx

  2. Fantastic! We're so making these! Thanks for sharing :)