Wednesday 11 July 2012

Why Meme

I've been tagged by the lovely blogger Emma over at the miniMesandMe to join in with the 'Why' meme. This meme gives you the chance to share all of the questions you would love to ask your children. I wonder how many of these you have thought about too!

So here goes mine.......

Why won't you sit still when we go out to any restaurant?

Why do you feel the need to climb on every table in said restaurant?

Why do you think it's acceptable to randomly shout in said restaurant as loud as you possibly can?

Why won't you eat macaroni cheese yet if I call it penne cheese you will wolf it down?

Why won't you eat a bagel unless I call it a roll with a hole?

Why do you always ask for sweets for breakfast?

Why do you get up at 5am and want to play fire stations?

Why do you insist on getting naked at any given point and anywhere with no shame?

Why do you never go to sleep when I need to work in the evenings?

Why are you always sick on your clothes just before we leave the house?

Why can't I go to the toilet on my own and why do you want to wipe my bum?

Why do you have selective hearing?

Why do you think I am a fireman's pole?

Please feel free to share the 'why' questions you would like to ask your little ones.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear, what a funny list. Wipe your bottom? That's a new one. Probably not funny for you though...!