Tuesday 16 October 2012

Pimp my Pumpkin

Its no surprise with a name like Damien that Halloween is a very big occasion in our house. He has been truly captured by the magic of this spooky season. We have bats flying above the beds, broomsticks and vampire outfits and its only mid October. Damien's latest interest is with the magic pumpkin.

This year we have decided to pimp out our pumpkins and we wanted to share with you our trade secrets.

Step One:
Draw a circle or hexagon around the top of your pumpkin and with a sharp knife cut around your shape to make the lid. This has to be a job for a grown up!

Step Two:
Scoop out the insides using a spoon and place the contents into a bowl. You can then roast the seeds in the oven with a dash of olive oil for twenty minutes for a yummy snack.

Step Three:
We have cheated and brought stencils for our pumpkins to give them that pimped out feel. Once you have chosen your design you need to stick it to your pumpkin.

Step Four:
Take your carving tool and carve around the shape of your stencil, pushing out the shapes as you go.

Step Five:
Have your hair pulled by your youngest child!

Step Six:
Light your candles, again a job for the grown up! Have 999 on standby!

Step Seven.
Place your candle inside your pumpkin and then turn down the lights and watch the magic take place.


  1. I bet your kids had lots of fun!

    Thank you for sharing this at The Purple Pumpkin!

    Only 5 days till Halloween!! xoxo

  2. Those are incredibly cute! I didn't realise that templates could be used, but they make things a lot easier I imagine.

    Thanks for sharing.