Friday 26 July 2013

Tomy's Neil the seal

The lovely people at Tomy sent us gorgeous Neil the Seal and he is certainly a hit.

My 18 month old and three and a half year old fell in love with him instantly. He's colourful, great fun and very cute.

He loves chilling by the pool and being taken for walks. Or perhaps dragged my my youngest would be a more appropriate description.

I'm having the usual boy battle over whose turn it is to play with him and that is the making of a great toy when both boys want to share him.

Damien settled for wearing the box on his head and being a robot. So the product is really great value all round.

I would say Neil is aimed at children closer to Dennis's age, 12 months and up. But even the nine year old I was looking after couldn't get enough of him. "He's cool" were the exact words she used. In fact the boys had a hard time even trying to get a look in to start with.

The idea is that you push Neil along using his stick and as you do so, the ball rolls from the ground and ends up on his nose. We have had a fantastic time seeing how long we could each balance the ball on his nose for.

I would recommend this product to all my friends and we are certainly enjoying having Neil the Seal as a family member.

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