Tuesday 23 July 2013

I'm back!!

My break from blogging is over and I’m ready to get back to being Miss Milkshake Mummy. Life’s changed drastically for me since I started the blog over a year ago and so you may see some subtle changes on the content since I first started out on my blogging adventure.

I won’t go into details although, needless to say, my life has been like an episode of Eastenders since January and all of it would have made for countless Christmas specials. Move over the participants of Jeremy Kyle, you have nothing on me.

I’ve upset people and been upset by people but things are much better now and hence the return to my blog.

Enough about me, let’s talk about the two little devils which inspired me to actually start this blog. Damien is now sleeping through the night whilst with mummy and in his own bed. Gone are the days of him creeping into mine and hogging the bed and there is no more five am starts. The back to bed routine worked for me and being consistency and persevering were and still are key.

Dennis is also sleeping soundly through the night and this happened through the awful, yet amazing power of controlled crying. Now he will sleep for 13 hours straight and I no longer have to rock him off in his buggy. That was breaking point for me, having to push the buggy with my foot at the end of the bed whilst cuddling a toddler to sleep at 1am,2am,3am etc was enough to make me realise that a change was in order.

Not only that, but when you can no longer function as a human being, you know things need to change. Leaving your front door open, handbag on the pavement, bank card in the fridge and your keys in the ball pit at the soft play gave me the wake-up call I needed. (No pun intended).

I’ve also started becoming late to things, never did this happen when my little men didn’t sleep, I guess when you have been up since 5am most days there really isn’t any excuse to be late for something which starts at 9am. I mean, I’d had four hours to get ready. I now have to set an alarm clock to get up and most days have to actually wake the boys up.

So I hope you all forgive me for my writing rest and hope you enjoy the rest of the journey!

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