Tuesday 2 October 2012

Mothers with attitude

Got to love a rant on a Wednesday, it's becoming quite a regular aspect of my life.  This week it is my turn to host, so please feel free to link up any thing that has annoyed you this week.  Myself and the lovely Emily over at Family Four Fun are always happy to listen to what's got on your nerves this week.

For me, it has to be hearing parents swearing at their children. Not content with swearing in front of them, its actually directed at them. Yesterday, I was sitting in ASDA car park whilst the boys had a rare snooze, when the owners of the car that was parked next to mine rocked up.  All I heard was a loud voice shouting at a toddler, 'don't run in the f*ing road!' I appreciate that this was a dangerous act, but there are better ways to deal with things than to swear at your child.

What is with this behaviour? Why are there some parents who think it is acceptable to swear at their children? How do you ever expect your child to grow up with manners, if that is the way they are spoken too? I know swearing is a part of everyday life and we all occasionally make the odd slip up. I for example, tend to find my potty mouth rears its ugly head whilst driving and I forget I have the children in the car, however I think its a totally different kettle of fish to direct that language towards your own children.

It's just not cool people! Perhaps think a little bit before you let off your colourful vocabulary. It's no wonder you hear young children swearing a lot because that is all some know. It really makes me cringe when I hear it and I do often find the worst place for it is in the supermarket, especially at the checkout.

I am not going to rant on too much this week, as I feel ranting so much in my post last week has actually made me feel less stressed.

Right, it's your turn now,  just add your rant to the linky below...


  1. I've actually has such a stressful week that it's taken all my resolve not to swear at my children this week. I know it's not going to do any good but sense doesn't always come into it when at your wits end! Both of mine have potty mouths at the moment and it's loathsome.
    I absolutely agree that it's never right but some people have it so built into their vocab that I don't think they consider how awful it sounds! x

  2. I totally agree with this. I think it's awful when you hear parents not just swearing in front of their kids, but swearing AT them. My mum works in a supermarket and tells me some horrendous stories about the things she sees. One time she said a mother actually said to her young son 'Oi, kn*bhead, come here.' What are these kids going to grow into if they think that is the correct way to interact with people? Makes me blood boil!

    My own personal pet peeve is competitive mums. I know we're all a bit guilty of it from time to time but in the village where i live it's like some unspoken race for which baby will walk/talk/get teeth etc first. It's entirely pointless and very annoying!

    Ahhh feel better for that little rant, thanks! :) x

  3. Glad you feel better now lovely thanks for joining in. I totally get what you mean about competitive mums. I found it much more competitive with my first and really felt the pressure but second time round it's like water off a ducks back. It's good to have a rant every now and then hey? Xxx

  4. Agreed. Swearing is not on in front of kids.They will hear all kinds soon enough. I was always taught that swear words were there for when all other vocab is extinct and if you swear you need to learn new words to express yourself :) Still remember the day I learned the 'c word' and used it to describe a boy at school. I was 7 and have NEVER ever spoken that word aloud since!!!!