Friday 11 May 2012

Not So Express Expressing

I am sure Dennis knew I was off to Bath for work today. He decided he didn't want his morning feed, instead he chose to keep coming off and laughing at me. Very cute but super annoying when I know I can't feed him all day.

So I decide to give up with this feed and get ready then attempt it when I am ready to leave. That was the plan. This time Dennis took great pleasure in pinging my bra strap which actually hurt! Now you maybe thinking that Damien is being quiet and well behaved and you are right in some ways. He is quite because he is in his bedroom a prisoner to his stair gate as he though Dennis would like to wear his bike hat while having his milk! I am going to look at getting a breast feeding necklace to try and stop this. I have heard that BabyBeads make great ones

After an unsuccessful attempt at feeding its time to pump and yes I am far too stressed for anything to come out. It doesn't help that my dad arrives to pick me up mid pump. Not a pleasant site and not productive to expressing! Dennis won't take a cup or a bottle but I feel I have to leave him some milk just in case.

All set to go now and have my pump in my handbag and lots of pads at the ready! Having my photo taken at work too so will be saving the expressing until afterwards. Loving the big boob look, especially as I am normally an impressive A cup! Yes, I can make a brick wall jealous!

Will let you all know how my day without children progresses! X

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