Thursday 17 May 2012

I've turned into my mum.

Today's post is inspired by my lovely friend Helen who came to see me today with her gorgeous little girl. Who by the way, Damien has set his sights on as a future girlfriend. Not sure what her daddy will make of that and I don't think Damien's other girlfriends would be too impressed! He is only two and a half so we can let him off, plus the lovely little lady today was outrageously flirting! (lol) or it could have been wind.

Our conversation led to the question do you find yourself doing things your mum used to do. "All the time" I said and it's true. Below are my list of sayings and actions that illustrate my point.

1. This is what I like to call the Spitty. The use of either a finger, tissue, napkin, anything really, applied with saliva and rubbing, usually, food marks from the cheek area.

2. The 'don't you dare!' comment followed by the 'look'

3. Along the same lines, 'don't you even think about it young man/lady (delete as appropriate)

4. The move I like to call the 'GTF'.. Yep its giving the finger, a good telling off always requires the use of the finger pointing in said childs direction and wagging it up and down.

5. 'You won't get any pudding if you don't eat your dinner, oh come on eat some more...please'

6. 'You watch far too much television'

7. "I'm warning you..."

8. "One...two...two and a half...two and three quarters, don't make me get to three!"


  1. My eldest is 7 and I'm still counting - for me it still works which is a blessing because I have no idea what happens if I get to three - or 5 as it is in our house??

  2. Lol! Me either to be honest but it does always make me chuckle when he starts counting along too! Joker. X