Wednesday 16 May 2012

How NOT to Parent

What a day!

It's never good when you hear a loud crash, followed by a very loud screaming baby. On this occasion, Dennis had managed to capsize his high chair and was found face down on the floor! Poor little love! Now, I am not sure if Damien may have assisted in his downfall or not. Hmmmmm! Now as neither daddy pig or I were in the room at the time (yes I know what you are thinking, bad parents ) we don't know what exactly happened!

When asked Damien said; "chair went like this, (demonstrates with hands) then crash!" OK so still none-the-wiser.

Needless to say we were back up the doctors for the second time in three days. We were told he shouldn't drive, play contact sports, take drugs or drink alcohol. Good god, what will we do all day now?

As all the above were ruled out, we opted to go to Jolly Babies, Damien's singing group. Again he was bribed with sweets if he behaved himself there! This was followed by coffee and a play date. Obviously for Damien and Dennis.

Before Damien reached melt down, I bundled both boys into the car whilst the going was good. Now, you may recall from my last post that I have been a bit forgetful lately. Well I achieved another classic today, I was putting the boys in the car and realised that my host was pointing to something out of the window. Yep that's right I forgot my bag on the driveway. Not content with this for forgetfulness, I pulled up outside our house with both boys asleep and Damien had a coughing fit which woke him up and made him fall out of his chair. Yep, that's right I had driven the entire 12 mile trip with him completely unstraped in his seat. (bad mummy offence number 2)

Just to top my day off we go to boobie group in the afternoon and Dennis was sick all down my top, twice! I am talking orange sick, over a white top! It even went in my bra! Cheers for that one then. Note to self: pack spare change of clothes for me as well as the boys!

By the time daddy pig came home from work I was giving Worzel Gummidge a run for his money and had a flinch (every time Damien came close) that would make a crazy person jealous! I seem to have taken the approach of just close my eyes and duck for cover!

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