Saturday 23 June 2012


Well everyone this is my last breastfeeding post as part of the keep Britain breastfeeding scavenger hunt, and I have to admit I am feeling a little sad. I have really enjoyed sharing my experiences with you all and hope you all enjoyed my journey.

My final post is all about the next stages and weaning.

Both my boys have never taken a bottle, with Damien I left it far too late to introduce one and he would just not have it. I must have bought every bottle and teat going. You name it, I tried it. Nope he was firmly a breast man and there was no substitute.

Although I was enjoying feeding, it was taking its toll a little as I just could not leave him for long. First time around I was very anxious that he was going to go hungry or thirsty. I discussed my situation with the health visitors and the doctors and the advice I was given was to just make him go 'cold turkey' there was no way that was going to happen. It's all very well to give that advice when you aren't the mother of that child and every bone in your body tells you too feed your baby.

Secondly, if you just stop feeding your poor boobs will get so sore and engorged. No one wants that, it's much better to slowly cut out feeds and do it slowly.

With Dennis who is my second, I am much more relaxed, I was adamant that he, unlike his brother, would take a bottle. We had success at the beginning but he came down with bronchilitious at four weeks old. This made me stop the bottle as I knew he could feed from me and get the comfort and the nutrients whenever he needed it. Since then, we have tried a few bottles but with no luck. This time around I haven't gone out and bought all the bottles under the sun and when he is ready he will just take a cup.

I guess it's easier second time around, I am much more relaxed, i don't fret about if he is getting enough or take any notice about the 'norm' to stop breastfeeding when he is six months. It's our journey and we will end it when WE are ready too and not before.

I really must stress that however you choose to feed your baby, don't feel bad or pressured into it. It's a personal choice and one which has to suit you both.

Breastfeeding for me, has been a much greater experience than I could ever have imagined and without a doubt I will miss it when I choose to stop.

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and I help I have given a few helpful tips along the way.

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  1. to carry on breastfeeding while working full time

  2. I plan to keep feeding as long as it suits us. I had always wanted to get to at least a year but now am loving it and can see how good it is for her! Hopefully get to two at least. Currently at 7 months ...

    1. That is fantastic, well done for getting to seven months! I am just coming up to eight months now and at the beginning didn't think I would make it past two weeks. X

  3. to continue breast feeding for as long as my son wants to, he is 10 months old.

  4. My goal is to still be able to feed when i return to work in september. hopefully just first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

  5. My little girl was exactly the same she never took a bottle she just looked as if what are you putting in my mouth lol. She self weaned at 23 months and once it came to an end i have to say i did miss that special time together : ( I am now looking forward to bump arriving and having that same wonderful experience again even through the tough nights lol as i know i will miss it once again and my goal is to take each day as it comes and enjoy it!

  6. To keep going as long as my baby wants and needs it!

  7. To carry on and let both girls wean when they are ready.

  8. What a great series, I love reading about your experiences. Neither of my children would take a bottle either... I don't think I tried too hard. I am still breastfeeding my youngest.

    Thanks for visiting my blog too.