Tuesday 26 June 2012

Butter wouldn't melt

I swear if you look at my little boy, you would think butter wouldn't melt. Trying not to be a biased mother, but he does have a smile that melts a thousand hearts! His big brown eyes and bee stung lips will get him far, but deep inside lies a little monkey just waiting to break free from its shackles.

Now for those of you that don't know Damien, he likes to push boundaries, in fact he doesn't just push them he knocks them so far into next week it's not funny! Needless to say, trying to find the right discipline technique is a minefield.

We have tried the naughty step, and that was a disaster. I lost count of the amount of times I put him back on that step. He genuinely thought it was the best game in the world. Not only that but he would often take himself off to the 'step' and laugh hysterically....so not the technique for us. It doesn't help when you also have a baby who requires attention and I just didn't have the time or hands to follow it through.

Although he is a challenge, I do know the importance of being consistent and following through! (sorry, my potty brain seems to think of farting in your pants and leaving a skid mark, when I say 'follow through').

So, next step was taking away toys when he was naughty. Well let's just say I didn't have a bag larger enough to store all the conviscated items! So that technique wasn't for us either.

Our latest trick is 'time out' when he is naughty, I tell him it's 'time out' time and put him in his bedroom, on his own for a few minutes. I explain to him why I am putting him there and then walk away. This actually worked.....the first few times. But now we have a dilemma.

When he goes in 'time out' he has a wee or a poo on the carpet! The other day he curled one out right on the stair gate. I genuinely don't mind accidents but I am 99% sure this is a behavioural problem and a protest at being put in 'time out'

Today, I took him to the toilet first before I placed him in 'time out' and we didn't have a problem. However, he is a clever little man and will soon wise up to my technique. What do I do now???

Answers on a postcard please.....

Any tips would be great! Help please.....

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