Tuesday 5 June 2012

Out of Hours

Some people look forward to bank holidays but for us they tend to involve the NHS in some form or another. We have been to the out of hours doctor more times than I care to remember.

Not to let the side down, Dennis steps up to the plate for his turn. Normally he is an up the doctors on a Monday morning kinda guy but he decided to mix things up a bit due to the bank holiday.

Now, I can't really fault the NHS team who we actually saw, but the doctor who initially called on the phone was near to useless. The conversation took the usual line of questions; "Does he have a rash? Is he really sleepy?" she asked.

Then she wanted to know if he was feeding okay. I said "He is not wanting to eat any solids but he is breastfed and taking it"

"OK" said the doctor, "but is he drinking milk?" hmmm really? Anyway, I replied, "yes, he is breastfed." "but does he drink milk?" came her reply. I am at this point getting a bit frustrated, "what do you mean?" I asked. "well does he have bottles of formula or milk" she replied. "NO HE IS BREASTFED!" I mean come on, it doesn't take a genius to work out he gets milk from me, unless she thinks my tits produce Fanta! Wow, that must be where I am going wrong!

I was just waiting for Terry Tibbs to pop out or for her to tell me I have a pigeon in my bank account - phone jacker!

She tells me he probably just has a virus and I doesn't need to be seen. I on the other hand disagreed and managed to get him an appointment. It's a good job I went with my instincts because the poor little love has tonsillitis! Just goes to show that mum knows best.

So with Dennis being under the weather, little Damien hadn't received much attention. We thought a trip to soft play would cheer him up and it did! He met a lovely little girl who is now his 'best friend' she must have been about 5 so he clearly likes the older ladies.

When we arrived home, he was in a foul mood as his nap was cut short! He spent a good half an hour whinging before Daddy Pig tried to make him cheer up with a cuddle and the promise of a visit to the sweet shop until he decided to wee all over Daddy Pig! He was not impressed, I on the other hand found it highly comical! Poor Daddy Pig then had to clean up an accidental poo which just about topped off his day!

This weekend has also seen Damien receive a new hair cut! Thanks to Nanny Plum and Grandad Thistle or the 'Butchers of Backfield' as they shall be known from now on, he now has a haircut to match his name and if I am being honest he looks like a little hard case! Shaved head, only grade 4, but all over! It's not even done well, he has a bold spot and a long bit at the back and when he wakes up, it sticks out at the sides like two devil horns.

Both Daddy Pig and I have sworn that his grandparents are never ever touching his hair again!

He called them up today, following assessing his new look and actually said: "Can I have my hair back please? "

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