Saturday 2 June 2012


We all know one of our children's favoured words is 'Why?' Today I am joining a and turning the table on the kids with my own list of why questions.

1. Why do some drivers insist on driving so far up your arse they can almost see what you had for breakfast. Would you walk behind me that closely in the street. No!

2. Why do kids wake up at 5am ready for the day even with blackout blinds in their rooms?

3. Why does it rain when you have spent time straightening your hair only to end up looking like a poodle having a bad hair day?

4. Why do some people not get the concept of personal space and stand so close to you in a queue that you can smell last nights curry?

5. Why do people fart on public transport? It's disgusting!

6. Why do babies always take a poo or throw up on you ten seconds before leaving the house?

7. Why do men take an hour to have a poo? If you don't need to go yet don't sit on the toilet and try and squeeze one out?

8. Why can you never remember where you put your keys and phone? 'Have you ever been in a situation where you lost your keys and you lost your phone, where's me keys, a where's me phone?'

9. Why does my mother not get the concept that she doesn't need to shout just because she is on her mobile and not her landline?

10. Why do we go on holiday and always end up speaking with an accent?

11. Why do people shout and speak really slowly to foreign people, they speak another language, they are not deaf!

12. Why do I always pick the wrong checkout and get stuck behind the most awkward customer in the world?

13. Why do I fancy Gordon Ramsey?

14. Why did Damien think the smallest Tupperware pot was a potty and take a leak in it all over the floor?

Let me know yours why? Too! Write your own post and add it to the linki at mummy central. X


  1. Well that's why my husband's had piles and I've escaped 4 births without ;) x

  2. I am sure he just goes in there for a break from me and the kids :-)

  3. I found my two year old doing a standing up wee wee in one of his teeny play kitchen cups ... fortunately, he didn't spill a drop!

    1. That is impressive. Got to give them credit for using their imagination I guess! He can give my two year old some tips! X

  4. 5.) Seriously.
    6.) My best guess is it's their way of saying, "Hey, Mummy, slow down! I'll only be this size once and not for very long."
    7.) I have no idea but this is obviously an international problem (I'm from the States) as my husband does the same thing.
    13.) I think the better question would be "How can you NOT fancy him?" He is yummy. *sigh* :)
    Great post! XD

  5. Thank you, glad I am not alone in fancying Gordon Ramsey he is my guilty pleasure. I did have a really awful dream involving Chris tarrant but will save that for another day!

    Really don't get the male species and their toilet habits! Lol.