Tuesday 28 August 2012

Don't tell me you're tired!

As all of you know who read my blog, we have very little sleep in this house and as a result tempers are easily frayed!

I can almost feel the rage bubble up in side me when Daddy Pig tells me he is tired! I guess getting up to fetch Dennis and then going back to sleep must be hard, or getting up early after I have done the night shift must be exhausting.

Hmm, well try this for size Daddy Pig and then tell me about being tired. Once you go back to sleep, spare a thought for me sitting there breastfeeding Dennis until he goes back to sleep 50 minutes later several times a night!

Or perhaps when he is up for two hours at a time and when I tell you, you say I should have woken you. When I do you tend to be grumpy and just say: "What?"

Don't even get me started on the house work debate! I can see why you think I sit on my arse all day because the house looks like a bomb has gone off. But if you had to look after the devil children all day you would understand why.

Yes, I can't put washing on or sometimes even pick up a nappy and it's not because I am lazy, it's because I get disturbed my Damien who takes any opportunity to cause havoc.

My house is a constant state and I often look longingly at people's clean and tidy houses and wonder if that will ever be achievable?

My short temper doesn't even stop with Daddy Pig, Nannie Plum quite often gets it in the neck too. "Any plans today? Or "oh aren't you seeing your friends?" gets me every time. I am allowed to have the odd day where I am so physically exhausted that I just want to veg out all day!

In fairness to Daddy Pig he does help in other ways but when you are tired it's easy to take it out on one another. After ten years together we know what buttons to press and therefore instead of building up to an argument we go nuclear instantly. At least it gets it over and done with quicker.

Rant over.

Now come and share what has annoyed you this week. http://familyfourfun.blogspot.ie/2012/08/mothers-with-attitude_29.html


  1. Perhaps fewer tweets and blogs would free up your time ;-) You could have sorted them dishes out in the time it took to write this blog about having no time.

  2. I could have wrote this post myself! lol My hubby is always complaining he is tired even though most nights he falls asleep on the settee and I just leave him there. He has never once done a night feed to be honest I have never asked him to because he has to get up and go to work. But I would like a bit of consideration when he is always complaining he is tired spare a thought for me who is up every single night at 3-4am for about 40minutes and then up at 7am and whenever the little one is sleeping in the day do I get time to rest? Nope its a mad dash to tidy up

  3. It's infuriating isn't it? They just don't get it and no matter how many times we have the same argument it isn't resolved! I just think if you're tired then think how I feel! He says I don't know what he does at work, but he clearly doesn't know what I do here. Men hey? Xxx

  4. Oh how cheeky - blogging and tweeting is essential for sanity!!
    An oracle of parenting once told me that with boys dirty marks don't go from your house, they just get higher up the wall.
    So I think we should aspire to hiring a cleaner rather than being better at house work ourselves ;)

  5. Good plan lovely! Just need to find the money to pay her or him now! Hmmm, need to hatch a plan. Xx

  6. Right girls, if I can bust in on your little man hating session for a moment. Firstly, I take exception of the word 'they', as if all men are the same. Let me guess, you also think all Muslims are terrorists as well.

    I go to work, I also frequently do extra work in the evenings. I spend loads of time with my kids (tie dye t- shirts last night), I help around the house, help make the beds, I cooked a lovely family meal a few nights ago, I get up every Saturday and Sunday and do eggs Benedict for the family. I've booked Friday off to take my daughter sight seeing in London.

    So not all men are the same, like not all women are Denice from Royale Family.

    But seriously girls, you are all obviously heavily addicted to social media. Try staying off it for 24 hours - I dare ya - and claim your lives back.

    1. If you don't like mum blog, don't read them! A blog is personal opinion and forgive me if I'm wrong, but everyone is entitled to that!

      Well done for being parent of the year!

      Perhaps you should spend less time on social media if it gets you do wound up! I suggest you may need to take a break fro reading 'how to lose friends and alienate people' and chill out a bit!

      Pot kettle black! S

    2. I think Lisa's said it all really and I think you've taken offence to something that was never aimed at you - you are obviously a good father as are all of ours and Lisa says 'in fairness Daddy does his bit'.
      When you are tired and you both are tension runs high my hubby has never done a night feed and I've never asked but he takes them in the day so I can grab a bit of extra rest. It doesn't make looking at them sleeping soundly in the middle of the night any less annoying not that it's their fault - we're more than entitled to vent this as are they (yes those MEN not the terrorist muslims hehe).
      Onto blogging and social media, claim your life back in 24hrs - try selling that idea. Or have you considered that we're more than capable thanks to the wonder of modern technology to run households, work, care for 4 children, night feed etc and tweet at the same time.
      Oh yes we're amazing ;) x