Saturday 11 August 2012

"No it's Not Lucky"

Sunny summer days are made for chilled out picnics, days at the beach and spending quality time together as a family. That was the image I had in my head for todays outing to the beach! However, when will I learn that my romantic notions never turn out to plan.

The day started stupidly early with Dennis deciding to get up at 4:15am again. Anyway we decided that it would be nice to get a picnic and head to the beach.

Our first obstacle was parking, we had forgotten to take any change for the machine. After driving to another car park with a cafe in it, we manage to change up a ten pound note. I buy a ticket and place it on the front seat of the car.

Next mission unpack the car, sort out the picnic and get the boys out. Stupidly, I had left the door open and after unloading the boot and putting all the bags on the pushchair we couldn't find the sodding ticket. Both our boys were crying at this point, Dennis because he was strapped in his pushchair and Damien because he had fallen over whilst trying to locate his bucket.

I could feel my stress levels rising as Daddy Pig frantically searched for the lost ticket. With no joy, I decide to have a look and after a few minutes of looking, I stand up and get shat on by a bird. Not only did it get me on the arm, it also left its mark all across the inside of the window of my car.

Giving up looking we decide we may as well just buy another ticket. With that I take Charlie out to stop the crying and the buggy, loaded down with all our things capsizes under the pressure. I am now stood in the car park with two crying children and our belongings everywhere!

Our hike down to the beach isn't much better either. We parked what seemed like miles away from the ramp down to the beach. In actual fact, it was at the first car park we would have parked in had we had the foresight to take any change. Damien moaned most of the way there to be carried and I just wanted to go home.

We picked our spot and start unpacking, Daddy Pig attempts to put up our parasol to provide much needed shade. There is only one problem, the wind. After a few failed attempts we opt for tucking it behind the buggy. Perfect, shade and peace and quiet. I start to tuck into my lunch and as mother nature will not be beaten by a toddler buggy, she blows a massive gust of wind and rips the parasol from the buggy and launches it down the beach.

Bloody great, I end up chasing an umbrella down the beach, which is a stoney beach I must add, bare foot and hobbling like I had been on the juice. How embarrassing, "Yes, it's mine!" I want to shout at the onlookers who are all smirking at me and sitting smugly under their perfect sun shades.

It ended up in the sea and thankfully a kind swimmer came to my rescue and fished it out for me. He was Spanish I think and said something which I didnt understand but I laughed along with him anyway. I expect he said something like 'ha ha silly English girl chasing umbrella!"

I then had the walk of shame with the parasol back to our spot whilst everyone looked on.


  1. Oh no - did you have fun in the end or cut your losses and run? xx

  2. Love it! Hope you managed to eat some sand sandwiches! :)