Friday 10 August 2012

Yum Yum Plum in my Tum

Back in June, organic baby food brand, Plum, ran a competition to win a sought after place at the first ever Plum Cookery School.

Five lucky mums were invited down to Buckinghamshire where the Cookery School opened its doors to reveal some of the tasty secrets behind Plum’s recipes and offered expert advice to support parents through the weaning process. The cookery school was made extra exciting with two special guests, celebrity chef Rachel Allen and child nutrition expert, Beverley Glock, who were both absolutely fabulous as you will see in the new weaning videos.

Plum’s new weaning videos are designed to ensure that other mums can take advantage of Rachel and Beverley’s advice whilst learning lots of cooking tips, eating fabulous food and having many of their weaning worries resolved.

Have a look at the clip below to see the Plum Cookery School action in the second of Plum’s weaning videos. This video covers stage two of weaning, where Rachel Allen recreates a Plum, stage two recipe and Beverley Glock puts a twist on the traditional dish, cauliflower cheese with sweet potato.

And, if this video has got tummies rumbling and you can’t wait to learn more, all you need to do is head on over to Plum’s YouTube channel ( where you can watch all four episodes!

The Plum Cookery School in pictures:

Baby weaning is great fun, but can fill you with apprehension on every issue. Where do you start? What are the best foods to start with, when should you introduce finger food? Have they had enough, have they eaten too much. The list is endless. My best piece of advice is to relax and enjoy it. If you are relaxed then your baby will be relaxed too. They will get it at their own pace, try not to worry about what other babies are doing. Remember we don't all like the same food so why should our babies.

The Plum range is fantastic for weaning, we are currently on stage two and my little man can't get enough of the Lemon Chicken. What we really like is the consistency, its fork mashed and therefore not just full of lumps. It provides the added consistency required without making my little man want to gag.

My two and a half year old loves the finger food snacks on offer from Plum and my youngest looks on longingly waiting for his turn. Five simple reasons why I choose Plum products are;

  • No nasty food additives
  • Use of pesticides is restricted
  • Routine use of drugs is prohibited
  • GM crops and ingredients are banned
  • No artificial chemical fertilisers

  • My boys also love the different flavours of the meals, it's not your standard spag bol or chicken with veg. Some of our personal favourites include; the yummy Chickpea and Chicken Tagine, Aubergine and Lamb Moussaka & Salmon and Spinach Risotto.

    If you haven’t yet tried Plum products I’d urge you to do it, they taste amazing. Plus, with a free coupon available to download on Plum’s Facebook Page, now is your perfect time to introduce baby to Plum! They are going thick and fast though and they only have 10,000 to give away, so do hurry!

    This is a sponsored post on behalf of Plum Baby

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