Thursday 6 September 2012

Introducing Yummy Mummy Training

I am delighted to be hosting a guest blog from the lovely Sarah who blogs over at as part of my sleep week. Have a read at her post and her sleep experiences and also check out the beautiful photograph. Aww, all can be forgiven, when they look like an angel.

Sleep ...Whats that?

Ahh Sleep that lovely peaceful, restful thing I use to do for about 8- 9 hours a night right up until 3 months ago, ahh yes I vaguely remember.

Now sleep is something I crave if I’m honest, Thomas does sleep better now but he still wakes up at least once a night for an hour and then he is up any time from 6:30am until 7am. Back in the early weeks Thomas use to wake 3 times a night every night yet my husband who never did a night feed and never got up with him in the morning was always more tired than I ever was and still to this day he complains daily about being tired. Is it that he thinks I am superwomen and don’t need sleep or does he really think that he is more tired than I am?

What I would like to know is when is a Mummy actually suppose to sleep? Lots of people told me to sleep when Thomas is asleep but seriously does anybody actually find the time to do that? I can be lying down trying my hardest to sleep but my mind is just filled with all the chores around the house that needs to be done. “I’ll just go put that load of washing on and then I’ll have a nap” , “I’ll just catch up with a bit of blogging and then I will nap” or “I’ll just watch last nights corrie I missed because Thomas wouldn’t stop screaming” and then before I know it Thomas has woke up and is now screaming for his next bottle.

Every morning I find myself thinking “Tonight I will be going to bed early” Then as soon as Thomas goes to be I find myself thinking about catching up with things I haven’t gotten round to during the day. Then before I know it its 11:30 and i'm only just thinking of going to bed. Like now as I write this it's nearly 10pm and I haven't even done Thomas's bottles yet. When will I ever learn?

On the other hand though even though I moan about not sleeping much, each night I wake up with Thomas, I give him his bottle and just watch him there is nothing more beautiful than my little boy and I wouldn’t change anything about him (Well maybe I'd make his pooey nappies smell a bit nicer) He makes the tiredness worth it and I guess being tired is just part of being a Mummy to a beautiful baby.

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