Tuesday 22 May 2012

Pee pee on the potty

Since my exhibitionist child decided to take his potty into the front garden and wee, we somehow have ended up potty training.

Yesterday afternoon was the start when he took his nappy off and asked to wear his pants! Fantastic! I hear you say, well it was until I noticed him curling one out on top of my tv unit! Nice! He then laughed and shouted: "look at my poo! Ha ha ha ha" yes funny if you aren't the one cleaning it up. I also had Dennis feeding away but had to stop mid flow which created even more commotion to the scene.

Today he woke up and asked for his pants on and point blankly refused a nappy! All good signs so we went for it. Poop on the potty and lots of wee wee! Go Damien.

Dennis on the other hand decided I was not allowed to put him down all day which wasn't my favourite game that we have played this week. It also has proved to be very hard to potty train and breast feed actually! I am not sure how we made it to the end of the day but we did and for that I intend to give myself a big pat on the back and large glass of wine. Well done me!

So other than Damien pissing his pants at the children's centre today, excuse my potty mouth.....and the really bad pun, I would say today had been fairly successful on the toilet front.

My only concern is that every time he goes on the loo he gets what we call a 'potty sweet' I think he may have been trying to force a couple out so he could have extra ones, far too clever!

On the plus side threatening to throw his sweeties in the bin is having a marked impact on his behaviour! Bribery and empty threats appear to form the basis of how we parent in this house.

Let's see where this potty training takes us and all I can say is thank god for laminate flooring!


  1. Love it! Well done Damien, Joshua will be impressed. Xx

  2. Thank you lovely! He wants to show Joshua his new pants! Lol x x x

  3. Well done Milkshake Mummy! Emily still gets potty sweets over a year on from potty training, and a chocolate bar for going to pre school and a sweet for brushing her hair and the list goes on!! x x