Sunday 27 May 2012

1066 had nothing on my boys

To say its been one of those days where everything is a battle is an understatement.

Damien has created havoc at having his teeth brushed, bath, dinner, lunch, breakfast and every minute in between, except for at nanny plum's house.

He is currently going insane because he wants to wear his robot PJs but can't because its too warm to even contemplate winter PJs! I know sometimes life is tough hey? If only when you got older the only thing to cause upset is not having your favourite pyjamas on.

In fact due to his major paddy I am unable to get Damien off to sleep. Again! That is now a battle in itself, left, right, left, right (said in army tones) no I am not marching but switching boobs. Attention!

This mornings adventure started at a family indoor water park, basically a posh way of saying swimming pool with a few slides and fountains. Everyone was excited until we got in to the water. Damien had decided he didn't want to swim or do anything actually, he didn't want to go round the rapids, the bubbles, the water jet and after an unfortunate incident with daddy pig and the flume that was out of the window too. Oh and daddy pig also went down the baby slide and took Damien out at the bottom, straight under the water.

There was one thing that kept his attention though and that was the pirate ship. Now most children would be content with just playing nicely, our child however decided to stick his head through the port hole and got it stuck. Daddy pig had to clamber on board to rescue him and free his head

Damien then decided that it was his ship and no one else could come aboard. After several pushing incidents he had to be removed from his boat and told off. Very embarrassing!

We had only been in there about 45 minutes and he already wanted to go home! But we had paid £16.20 for the privilege and were adamant to get our money's worth. We lasted another 25 minutes, so that was one expensive and stressful hour and 10 minutes.

This afternoon carried on in much the same vain with many a tantrum and battles. On the plus side the potty training is going well! Only one accident today (and that was when he fell asleep) Well done Damien!

The later part of the afternoon was spent at nannie plum's house. Both boys were angels there as always!

Finally, both boys are in bed but not after a battle. I have just spent the last half an hour walking the streets with Dennis in his buggy to get him off to sleep! Let's just say daddy pig and I are seeking solace in our new best friend Pinot Grigio.


  1. I've just sprayed tea all over the baby after reading that he got his head stuck in a porthole (sorry) sounds like exactly the kind of thing mine would manage! x

    1. They can be monkeys some times can't they! I do tend to find I am always that mum shouting nooooooooo don't you dare across a room! X x