Monday 28 May 2012

Always tuck it in

Well today has been relatively successful. We spent the morning at the farm and both boys were angels. Damien didn't "kick off" once. Dennis was also very well behaved. It was as though they'd had personality transplants.

This afternoon was relatively good too. Damien had his friend over to play (his 'girlfriend') and all was going well until they both decided they both needed the toilet at the same time and wanted to battle out over who went first. I guess men and women will fight over the bathroom whatever age they are.... could it spell the beginning of the end for loves young dream?

Anyway, I stayed downstairs with Dennis and his 'bird' whilst my friend took the two toddlers upstairs. Now I need to explain that my friend has two little girls and is therefore, not accustom to little boys anatomy and the need for their winky
to be pointing down in the toilet.

Damien, not knowing any better started to wee and ended up sending a golden shower all over the bathroom, all over the floor, up the side if the bath, in the bath and on the walls! My friend was helpless, I think it was just safer to take cover than to intervene until he had finished. Damien found this very amusing and to be honest, so did I.

Fingers crossed the boys decide to sleep well tonight and follow on their good behaviour they showed today but this is Damien and Dennis we are talking about!

I have to say that the day started well with Damien having had a dry nappy over night and asking to go to the toilet. Just goes to show how little people can surprise and amaze you even when you least expect it.

Not to be totally out of character Damien did decide to ride his ironing board like a surf board in the back garden minus his pants! Tip my entire bottle of Volvic water out in to the radiator, smack his head on the fridge door, climb on my glass table in the garden, make a run for it out the front door and chuck the entire contents of his crisp packet onto the sofa! Pretty good behaviour for Damien! :-)

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