Thursday 10 May 2012

Best night yet

Wow we had an amazing night of sleep! Damien slept through and Dennis only woke up once. So why is it that I feel like I have been hit by a bus and have no energy whatsoever?

I guess it must be true that your body gets use to having such a small amount of sleep and I should know!

Damien has always been a truly awful sleeper. He has never napped in his bed through the day and when other mums were enjoying there two hour naps I was lucky to get 20 mins some days he would have 6 mins. Really was it even worth it! The only way to get him to sleep through the day was driving him in the car. I have sat outside my house more times than I care to remember and have on occasion fallen asleep myself. On one very special occasion, I fell asleep and my arm slipped and my head hit the horn which gave me a very rude awakening! I am sure my neighbours think I am the crazy lady who sits outside her house, I need a sign which states 'Kids On Board Asleep, I am not a mentalist...Promise'

I had a brainwave today and wondered about inventing a baby monitor that you plug into the cigarette lighter and then you can go inside your house and do some house work without having to nip out every few minutes to check if they are still asleep. Then I thought you would have to leave the engine running and this would mean having the keys in the ignition. Doh! One thinks Childs Services may have something to say about that. Today Milkshake Mummy, I won't be investing!
Sometimes when Daddy Pig and I argue he asks me how other people manage to run a house and look after children. My reply "Other people's children sleep, you're children, yes YOUR children don't"

Now both Daddy Pig and I love our sleep so it is truly bizarre that neither of our children share this hobby! I really thought that as Damien didn't sleep, Dennis would. But no, I didn't think a child could be a worse sleeper than Damien and then Dennis came along and surpassed all my expectations!

Fingers crossed we will get more sleep tonight as I am on a work trip to the fab city of Bath tomorrow. Bags are all packed with the business essentials, laptop, diary, mobile phone and breast pump! The joys of a working breastfeeding mummy.

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