Wednesday 30 May 2012

Damien the exhibitionist

A nice early start for me today at 5:15 but I can't complain at that too much as both Dennis and Damien slept through the night for the first time in what feels like years! We were awoken by Damien insisting to be dressed as a pirate whilst repeatedly hitting me in the head and shouting fatty at daddy pig. I knew then we were possibly heading for one of those days. Brace yourself world Damien is in top gear.

Now, the morning progressed with Damien hitting Dennis in the face with the lid off his toy box which knocked him flat on the floor. As my way to tell him off, I took away his pirate toys. His protest against this was to wee all over the floor, using his willy as a water gun. Cheers for the pee over everything then Damien. If only you could have seen his face. It was the work of the devil!

Next stop was music group and I had given Damien his usual bribe to behave himself before we go in. I also told him he could take a wee at Kay's house! Big mistake. As soon as we are about to start Damien announces he needs a wee. Ok, so I take him and he goes. He then proceeds to tell the group his good news as soon as we enter back into the room. Two minutes later and one of the joys of potty training, "mummy I need the toilet" came his voice! I think he is playing me up and enjoys this new game, anyhow I took him again and this time he did a poo! Thankfully he didn't feel the need to announce this to the rest of the class.

Our afternoon stop was boobie group. On the way from the car to the group Dennis manages to break my new necklass, seriously I don't know why I bothered. When we finally get in, Damien trots off to play. Ahhh peace, I think to myself. Within five minutes the crèche worker appears carrying my sons trousers and shoes and a few minutes after that Damien appears without his pants. Dear god, why is it my child, and my child only runs around stark naked at playgroup! I also had the joyful task of hunting for his pants, which I find the disguarded on the floor outside. Clearly he gets that behaviour from his daddy!

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