Tuesday 15 May 2012

Calling in sick

Bloody awful night sleep again and this was not due to the boys on this occasion. For some reason my cold has returned and brought with it achy legs, back and groin. Fabulous!

When you're breast feeding there really isn't very much you can take to help either! I asked the pharmacist if I could take ibuprofen and his extremely helpful advice went like this; "I have good news and bad. The good news is that only a small trace will be found in the milk but the bad news, the manufacturers recommend you don't take it." Hmmmm better go with their advice then. Any tips on natural remedies will be really welcome, but I am not keen on lemon or honey and whiskey is out unless I want Dennis to sleep for a year.

The problem with feeling unwell and having babies is that you can't call in sick and have a duvet day! I don't think Damien or Dennis would be best pleased and may send me my P45. I have played games with Damien today that haven't required me to move very much, my personal favourite being hiding under my covers and listening out for noises. Or playing building site and taking a tea break whilst he works.

Another side effect of these sleepless nights is a bad memory! Daddy pig and I both forgot it is our ten year anniversary today! Oops! Love you X

Things I have forgotten since having two children.

1. I forgot to strap Damien into his car seat and the 7 year old I was looking after had to tell me.

2. I forgot to put my bra on and left for playgroup. Given I breast feed it could have been awkward.

3. Doctors appointments.

4. Arranged play dates at my house and then was out. Sorry ladies.

5. Baby massage class.

6. Jolly babies group.

7. Most people's name.

8. Eating breakfast and lunch.

9. My water bottle on the roof of the car, which consequently went flying into the road when I braked at a junction. Causing a car to swerve. Sorry Mr Peugeot driver.

10. My changing bag on the pavement which I spotted in the mirror as I was driving down the road.

11. The cabbage leaves in my bra which have fallen out during a feed. I forgot I was wearing it you see.

The amount of times I have said: "Oops completely forgot about that, really sorry!" is incredible.

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