Tuesday 1 May 2012

Introducing the Milkshake Mummy

Well, let me introduce myself for the purpose of this blog I am the Milkshake Mummy, I am a mum to two very lovely boys Damien and Dennis, and yes I mean as in Devil and menace. Damien is two and a half and what people call ‘active and busy’ basically a polite way of saying a bloody nightmare and nonstop mischief maker. Dennis is six months old and is prone to every germ and bug going, if it is contagious he WILL catch it.

Now there is something you need to know about these boys, neither of them are particular great at sleeping. Even this evening, Dennis has been up three times demanding his boobie juice, he does have a cough at the moment so he is forgiven. However, as those of you who have been blessed with nocturnal children know it’s really hard work.

I have decided to start this blog as an online diary in order to share my extremely bizarre life events, which normally occur due to my severe lack of sleep. I hope you enjoy the trials and tribulations of Damien and Dennis and the poor milkshake mummy.

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