Friday 11 May 2012

I should not be allowed out on my own

Today’s trip to Bath was fantastic, I was Lisa for the day and I don’t often get to be her anymore. Not that I mind, I love my mummy status. I sat on the train with my hair and make-up done, a copy of Marie Clare (I only bought this as it has a free lip and cheek stain in worth £10 as I don’t really have the time or money for fashion) and my new iphone. I thought to myself, I must have looked quite cool and a far removed version of my daily self. Sick covered clothes thanks to Dennis's inability to let me leave the house without some of my milk regurgitated. Not to be outdone, Damien has to pull my hair out of its already untidy, scrapped back, off the face and usually not as clean as one would like hairstyle.

Today has got me thinking about how I managed to not only get a job but stay employed, let me tell you a few things that have happened in my PR career.

1. Stacking it down the stairs and taking my boss out on the way down in front of clients!

2. Opening a bottle of fizzy water at a new business pitch and getting soaked. Just needed to unpin my hair and it would have been like a scene from a dodgy porno.

3. Having to get a new client to reverse my car after a meeting because I got stuck in a parking space.

4. Sending a text message to my male account manager expressive my love for him which was meant for daddy pig.

5. Being so hungover from the office Christmas party I spilt my coffee during a meeting with Keith Vas MP because I had the shakes.

I also once went to the toilet during an interview and tucked my skirt into my knickers and then walked the entire length of the office! I still got the job!

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