Saturday 12 May 2012

The power of jelly tots!

I think Dennis could be gearing up for his weekly trip to the doctors on Monday morning! His chest sounds a bit like a bowl of rice crispies, with extra crackle! I wonder if six months is too young for him to have developed a crush on the doctor, and he just likes to go and see her?

I have to admit I am finding it a little frustrating these constant minor ailments but what can I do? I seriously dislike administering six lots of antibiotics and bribing Damien with jelly tots so that he will open his mouth.

The bribery seems a fairly regular occurrence at the moment. See list of examples;

1: Damien, if you put your shoes and socks on you can have a sweetie.

2: Damien, if you let me change your nappy you can have a sweetie.

3: Damien, if you put your t-shirt on you can have a sweetie.

4: Damien, If you brush your teeth you can have a sweetie. (not my brightest idea!)

5: Damien, if you don't shout and create chaos in public you can have a sweetie.

I think you can see where I am heading with this one. The power of jelly tots and anything for an easy life!

Today has had its fair share of testing moments. My favourite being Damien climbing into a mobility scooter in Tesco and almost turning it on. Can just imagine a two and a half year old tearing up the aisles and taking a few people out on his way! He then legs it all the way to the front of the shop cracking up while I run after him and finds himself at a display of knives! Only my child could be drawn to the most dangerous things in a shop!

Being so tired really doesn't help and I sometimes find myself manically laughing like a slightly deranged crazy lady. Or can be found rocking quietly in a corner!

I have to admit though, I have had a few chuckles today! Damien asked my mum the following: "when daddy, grandad and my uncle play golf, do they get naked?"

And, I was reminded of the time I got into the wrong car outside my house one night! I actually climbed into the back seat in between two children. I did think it was a bit odd, but as i was meeting my brothers new girlfriend i didn't know what to expect. She looked at me and I looked at her and said, "who are you?"

Climbing out was embarrassing needless to say! It really should have registered that she would not be bringing her two children to a hen night.

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