Friday 25 May 2012

Who's been sleeping in my bed!

I have been wanting to write my blog for a few days but to be honest, I have been exhausted thanks to some god awful nights from the boys.

Now it's fairly common knowledge that my boys don't do sleep leaving me and daddy pig rather dishevelled. Being desperate we are trying an experiment. Dennis has moved into Damien's eiom and he is now in with us. The first two nights were amazing and then all hell has broken loose.

Dennis has decided he no longer wants to go to bed at and will just feed and feed until I say enough! We have resorted to the age old trick of walking him around in his buggy and silently lifting him into bed.

A normal night time is just non existent! I can only describe last nights antics as a blur! Let me set the scene, Damien for a change goes to bed on time without a fuss! Dennis on the other hand has other ideas. Now he normally falls asleep whilst having his feed (yes I know another awful sleeping habit that I am somehow going to have to break)

Last night though he fed and fed and fed with no sign of nodding off! After an hour I gave up and let him come and watch me cook dinner. We resorted to putting him in his buggy and daddy pig walking him round the block!

I don't really remember much more because it's very hazy but let's just say it was so bad I was sat downstairs with Dennis at 3:30am drinking coffee. Around 4, I managed to get him back into his bed but came back into to my bedroom to find Damien had crawled into my side of the bed and was soundo.

Bloody fantastic, I ended up getting into Damien's toddler bed and laying there buzzing on the caffeine and listening to all three men in my house sleeping. Some more quietly than others. If I could have been bothered I would have got up and kicked daddy pig to shut up! There really is nothing more annoying than hearing someone snoring when you can't sleep!

We have even tried going to bed really early to get a head start but nope they know. It's like they can smell our weakness. They sense our presence, I am sure they are in cahoots as to who's turn it is to wake us up! They are turning into a formidable tag-team

When people say they had a bad night I have sympathy, limited albeit but some nonetheless, until they say, "We were up three times last night and then all I hear is blah, blah, blah" that's a good night for us in fact that would be an amazing night. What I find the hardest though is when they get up and stay awake for hours on end!

Still every night though, I think this could be it, the golden night when they both sleep through. #deluded! But you never know and you have to stay positive. In fairness you get used to the lack of sleep but it is bloody hard work.

Let's hope we have a good night tonight as we are off to Moors Valley Country Park tomorrow, so watch this space for an update and watch out if you are going! :-)

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