Sunday 6 May 2012

My trip to London

So work calls and for the first time I have to leave my six month old, Dennis, with my mum whilst I travel to London for lunch. Now this would be fine, except Dennis is still breast feed and will not take a bottle or cup. He is obviously going to be a breast man.

I on the other hand was having visions of my boobs getting so big we would be having a scene out of Austin powers were the boobs turn into guns. Mine would shoot milk instead of bullets.

So off I set with all my essential business items, diary, laptop, mobile and breast pump. Yep that's right my pump! Upon arriving in London I went to the toilets at Waterloo and sat on the toilet seat pump in one hand and chocolate bar in the other, it's important for energy. It really wasn't a pleasant experience and not one to repeat in a hurry, plus I had to pay 30p for the privilege! No wonder people give up boob feeding when they go back to work as pumping and dumping is no fun!

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