Sunday 13 May 2012

Health warning, enter at your own risk

Well last night was a fun night, if your idea of fun is very little sleep. It started with Damien at ten o'clock stood at his door asking me to "sheep with me mummy, sheep with me". He can't say 'L' very well. No problem, always nice to have a cuddle before I go to bed. Except Damien has other ideas, I am now his life size teddy bear which he likes to sit on, ride like a horse, kick in the head and generally abuse. All the while, I lay there and pretend to be asleep in the hope he will follow suit. It's a bit like playing sleeping lions but only one of us gets the rules!

Now I can just about get away with laying in his bed because I am fairly short. Daddy pig on the other hand, always looks like Buddy the Elf.

Anyway, I am digressing!.....

With Damien finally asleep I hit the hay myself, only to be awoken by Dennis crying for his milk. I feel slightly sick, like I've had a night on the sauce (I obviously haven't) I start to feed and think I'm going to be sick.....and I am! I try holding it in, like a hamster, cheeks puffed out I run to the loo but it's too late! All over the bathroom wall, door frame, bath panel etc etc It was like the famous scene from the Exorcist. Great!! along with feeling sick, I had the massive task of cleaning it up! I really have been in a pretty foul mood ever since, It's not like living at home when your mum would clean it up for you.

After that it was the usual one up, one down routine until we finally give up on the dream of sleep and give into the day.

At bedtime, Daddy Pig and I no longer wish each other good night, instead we opt for a much more apt "Good luck!" Every evening I think maybe, just maybe tonight will be the night where the quest for a whole 8 hours sleep is achieved. The illusion is usually shattered after being asleep for around an hour! Some nights I just wish for morning as it would be easier than getting up every hour!

Anyway it's Sunday evening and I am taking bets to see if we are at the doctors tomorrow morning! It has been a week after all...

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