Tuesday 8 May 2012

Hi ho hi ho it's off to the doctors we go

I know I shouldn't be but I really am getting embarrassed about phoning the doctors. I have honestly called them every Monday for a month. I should have the number on speed dial really.

So anyway I get my usual appointment at 8:45 and as always struggle to park just because I don't have enough on my plate.

This time I bring daddy pig as both Damien and Dennis need to see the doctor. I have to admit that I can't manage both boys on my own there. Daddy moans about how other mums manage but I think once we get into the doctors and Damien creates a riot he soon understands why! Magazines go flying and you clean up one mess whilst he starts destructing something else.

We get our turn to see the doctor and this week Dennis has an ear and eye infection and Damien has a chest infection. So off to my other second home for medicine.

Typically the queue is already backed up to the door but I brave it under a false illusion that my two monkies will be angels! Oh no! Damien decides to throw himself on the floor and shout at anyone who comes in to "get out my shop!" needless to say I give up and leave.

I try another chemist instead and bribe Damien with jelly tots! It all starts off so well until I attempt to pay for some shopping in super drug, I turn my back for one second to enter my pin and CRASH, I turn to see the pushchair up side down with Damien underneath it. Obviously the shock has woken up Dennis too! Now heaven forbids that someone might help me hey? No, they just look at me like I am a bad mother who can't control her children.

Next stop waitrose, what could go wrong in here I hear you ask? Again as I go to pay a little hand comes out of nowhere and grabs the pot of green tokens and turns it upside down on the floor. Green coins go everywhere and I once again feel eyes burning into me. I mean come on Damien not in waitrose with the posh people!

Making a quick exit I head to pick up the medicine! Just as the pharmacist calls my name Damien decides to make a dash for it out of the shop meaning I had to run after him. I am fairly discrete but the devil child finds this hilarious and is laughing so loudly at this 'game' people turn to look.

At this point I don't think things can get worse until we are driving home and daddy pig calls to tell me he had crashed his car! Great, and thanks for all the swear words whilst you are on speaker phone!

Let's just say I went home and locked the doors the world had had enough of us for one day! It was only 10am though!


  1. Absolutely love your writing.
    You saying 'No, they just look at me like I am a bad mother who can't control her children.'
    reminded me of the big difference I noticed when I first moved from London to Ireland.
    Master E was 2 and whilst I was paying for my groceries he managed to lodge his arm into the bit the automatic door slides into as it opens! He was unscathed but the terrified screams had all staring...
    Oh god everyone's going to wonder why his stupid mother wasn't watching. No!! Half the shop rushed over to help and the man behind the deli counter bought him an ice-cream.
    Emily x

  2. Oh bless him but loving he got an ice cream, what kind people! You can't do everything at once and it would be a lot nicer if people understood that instead of casting 'those' looks! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog! X